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Post  Admin on Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:52 am

If you need further help, please PM me.

Level 1:
Eggs on grass, pretty simple
Eggs are irrelevant,
Grass is irrelevant,
first digit is important
If you can't figure this one out, good luck.

Level 2:
It's a mirror, you can kind of see that it's a mirror.
What happens when you put a piece of paper with writing on it in front of a mirror?
Answer may or may not be the word written on the hypothetical paper

Level 3:
Cryptography, simple
A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on.
The values of the letters of the first name added together is good enough
It's the same as the last name.

Level 4:
Not so random objects.
Percentages of letters which are either vowels or consonants...
What word in what language has 100% vowels that has anything to do with the picture? Is it the second national language of Belgium?

Level 5:
It's the final countdown....
Cmon guys
Countdown.... acronyms...

Level 6:
The notes of the song in the background are important. I think this is stupid, if you don't know the notes of the song or musical theory, you won't get this. Just google the answer FFS.

Level 7:
You gotta know something about... I don't know.
PLU codes for each of the veggies correspond to the veggie and the number
You gotta find the PLU code for Organic Carrots (google it)

Level 8:
Damn... Okay, this one took a while
The song in the back is about anagrams
I suck at anagrams
Each anagram on here corresponds to a level (something in the level)
You do not need to figure these out, instead
Anagram for number 6 is But I'm a Jerk, now add on the title of number 6 and you get I'm a jerk but listen <an anagram for that... a male singer, google the anagram and the word anagram, you'll get it.

Level 9:
The title is Missing Vowel x5
In all these numbers, when you write them out in letters, all of them do not have one vowel (you can figure out which one in [nine, one, seventy five, four])
Otherwise you can just test all the vowels out, that works too.
Remeber the x5?
so its vowelvowelvowelvowelvowel
An easy way to do this is to test all the vowels out like ZZZZZ or BBBBB

Level 10:
What is racecar backwards?
What is Bob backwards?
What is a well known Honda cars name backwards?

Level 11:
The yogurt is irrelevant, so are the random fruits and placement of yogurt
Just inspect element or view source.
You get a funny math thing in the comments in the code (between <-- --> or something)
then answer it, the incorrect answer page look a bit different? That's because it's fake. Look up that source too and you have your answer which gives you a hint about the next level.
Will not work in Chromium based browsers.

Level 12:
What does the symbol at the end of each word (it's missing in the logos) mean in math terms?
For example != means inequality, what does the missing symbol mean?

Level 13:
What's missing on the picture that's been there all the time?
The top number on the left...
Cuz theyre scared of that number
What's it called to fear the specific unlucky number?

Level 14:
Count the number of letters in each word.
notice how 14 is tied to "a note"
1 = a, 4 = note
The dots (decimal) stays.
What do you get? You can also just solve the actual riddle, it's simple math.

Level 15:
Find the letters that repeat in the same size and font three times (JJJ), there should be 6 of them. They spell out a word. Figure that word out, Detective J. Jones.

Level 16:
Unscramble the puzzle
What's another word for corn?

Level 17:
This ones a maze.
It starts with s and ends with s. Once you have the letters in between you'll have the answer.
You can google the answer if you're too lazy.

Level 18:
It's about basketball
Take the two words
Do all the things it tells you to do (it's easy morse code)
and get your answer. Simple as that

Level 19:
View Source, decrypt morse, realize they are ASCII codes, google what to do with them

Level 20:
What is another way to represent the number 20?
Romans had it figured out.
Icons in the background spell out ICONS when entered as emoticons in MSN (i)(c)(o)(n)(s)
What is roman numeral for 20 again?
what is that in an emoticon?
Halo 4 is here

Level 21:
This was the biggest waste of time ever.
I wondered why there was a redirecting page
Get the source of the redirecting page between 20 and 21
enter in what you see as an answer
Click the link
You'll get on an infinite loop
just keep viewing the sources for everything you see (on firefox)
You'll get somewhere eventually

Level 22:
Firefox required
Pic unrelated (i think)
Just press control A, you'll notice something written in spaces, doesnt work in chrome
3 letter word, just type it.

Level 23:
91 toys sold (at $3.49 each). Speed: 101 (Favorite num=16). Clock hands make right angles 44 times in 24h.
Really boring question

Level 24:
Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. King Regina, google that. Then notice the level number, might want to add that into your search too.

Level 25:
Your internet may suck but it's not that bad.
Psst, right click picture
Psst, maybe the picture URL may be useful
Psst, sometimes I put wrong extensions on my files on purpose... But it has to be in capitals...
Psst, if this picture was transparent, it would be preserved... Because the actual file format preserves it...

Level 26:
Look at the source, you'll see coordinates.
Download picture, look for those coordinates.
Zoom in a certain amount (i zoomed all the way, some people only zoomed a bit) on those coordinates (use MS Paint or something to find coordinates)
There is a hidden word, PM me for an enhanced picture.

Level 27.1:
Rhyming is level 27
What rhymes with bubble?
Single, triple etc

Level 27.2:
Same idea.
A stringed instrument like a violin is called a fiddle
notice the arrow; colours are irrelevant.

Level 27.3:
James Bond wears nice suits.
Royal family is irrelevant.
Yugioh cards ...... game.

Level 27.4:
What colour are the cards? A bit odd aren't they?
What card completes the royal flush?
What colour does it have to be?

Level 27.5:
The crustaceans are irrelevant
The expressions are also irrelevant
Number of chairs vs number of things that will sit on the chairs
Like a tire used in case you get a flat.

That's all for now, feel free to include more in replies.


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Post  mno00 on Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:31 pm

Level 27.6:

What the fork is stuck into is irrelevant.
think science.


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